Helping Brands Make Human Connections

Who We Are

Upwords is a handpicked group of research devotees with extensive marketing and business expertise.

What We Do

We custom build creative and immersive qualitative research studies that engage and inspire.


Our clients are at the heart of everything we do. We’re obsessed as they are about what matters most to their consumers.

Get to know Upwords

Upwords helps brands make meaningful human connections to enable better decision making. We have been unearthing valuable human insights for our clients since 2008. Along the way, we’ve won international recognition for what we do, as well as love from the people we work with.

We get marketers because we’ve been in their shoes. We dig for the consumer intelligence (or human intelligence as we see it) that we know marketers and strategists will need to make better-informed decisions in the areas of strategy, innovation and communications. Upwords starts conversations that matter. We connect our clients with the people who actually use their products and services (or the ones you wish would). We help them walk a mile in the shoes of their ‘target’, their ‘customer’, their ‘consumers’ to create empathy and see their human side.

We are lean and we work from virtual offices, which translates as cost effective and agile. It also means we can easily scale up to take on wide reaching international projects through our vast global network. With field-tested methodologies, we bring exceptional quality control to each project.

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