Fresh Perspectives from our Team Coordinator

Fresh Perspective at Upwords

After her first 90 days at Upwords, Jennifer Redwood our Team Coordinator reflects on what she’s experienced. Jen’s reflections reinforce that the Upwords team is acting according to our values:

  • We think outside of the box
  • We make the complex simple
  • We empower others
  • We foster collaboration
  • We do what’s right

We greatly appreciate Jen’s perspective and wanted to share it here.


Jennifer Redwood

Team Coordinator Jennifer Redwood provides Fresh Perspective on first 90 days at Upwords


Transitioning industries and becoming part of a remarkable team

In April I made the leap from the vibrant world of hospitality to the intriguing realm of market research. Here are some things I’ve learned in my transformative 90-day journey as Team Coordinator at Upwords:

  • Market research is about weaving compelling narratives that inspire clients and stakeholders. It’s NOT just numbers and statistics.
    • My background in hospitality, where storytelling is an art form in delivering exceptional guest experiences, is proving to be incredibly valuable.
    • My observations of Upwords’ work has been intriguing and engaging. I am enjoying the ability to jump in and help the team create meaningful connections.
  • Customer-centric thinking is critical to success of the team and the organization.
    • This includes me thinking of my team members as my customers and helping the Upwords team put our clients (and their customers) at the centre of our processes.
  • Upwords embodies excellence and strives to exceed expectations at every turn!
    • This is an environment where ideas flourish and collective efforts thrive.
    • The team possesses a limitless thirst for making human connections and consistently seeking opportunities to learn and grow as individuals and as an organization.
    • The teams’ dedication is evident daily as they push themselves to conduct captivating and thorough research across diverse industries.


I am very proud to be a part of such a trailblazing team. The customer-centricity, attention to detail, collaborative mindset, and storytelling abilities that I cultivated in hospitality have equipped me with the skill set to approach this position with passion, willingness to collaborate, and open to learning in this new field.

As I look forward to the next stage of my Upwords career, I am filled with enthusiasm to dig deeper into the complexities of this industry and enhance my skills and abilities.

The potential for growth is boundless. I eagerly anticipate actively participating in projects, continuing to contribute to the work we do, while expanding my knowledge through collaborating with such a dynamic and incredible team.

I am looking forward to moving onwards with Upwords!